Dedicated M.V.A. Care Managers

Dedicated M.V.A. Care Managers

Every client in our M.V.A. Care Program is provided their own dedicated M.V.A. Care Manager who comes with years of Accident Benefits experience. They are your single point of contact, working together with clients, to ensure they receive the professional care services they are entitled to receive.

Your M.V.A. Care Manager works with all parties to create a personalized Care Plan designed to support client’s care needs and coordinate and supervise an exceptional Care Team to implement the support.

Our professional M.V.A. Care Teams assist injured clients with all their care and support service needs in a hospital, family home, temporary residence, or rehab facility.

Motor Vehicle Accident Care Programs are managed by a professional M.V.A. Care Manager and include:

  • PSW support services
  • Nursing care
  • Behavioral support services
  • (Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, recreation) Referral Services
  • Hospital discharge planning
  • Continence care programs
  • Interdisciplinary care coordination
  • Transportation
  • Attendance at medical appointments and assessments
  • Adaptive clothing